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An Elegy

first published in a rendition of the International Poetry Anthology China

champs diner, 8:30 pm, december 18

we sit munching in our plump leather seats

a sliver of translucent onion between your teeth

i reach to pick it out

        that’s gross

        you literally just came inside me

        is that where you draw the line?

i go back to

my patty melt, not really,

remnants of lust where longing should be

        is it snowing out?

        i don’t know. fuck, i didn’t close your window, did i?

        doesn’t matter – it won’t get in anyway

i reach out to my pocket to save your number

will this be temporary? in the future

i’ll envision the sight of checkered tiles before your presence and your

mouth gaping over that chicken – chick’n – parm

        this is the best meal i’ve had in years

you want to order the cinnamon swirl pancakes

        for dessert?

i hesitate, but

        no thanks

i put my phone back in my pocket

Patricia Kusumaningtyas (they/she) is an Indonesian playwright, poet, and tech worker based in Brooklyn, New York. Their play "Some Things Last a Long Time" received a developmental staged reading at the Drama League in New York, and their short play "Al Pacino Eyes" received its Off-Broadway premiere at the 2022 Players Theatre Short Play Festival.

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