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My work reflects on the trend of posting food pictures online. From influencers to your neighbours. Everyone shares their food online. Either to make others buy a product or to produce a certain picture of one’s self online. Feeding into an internet persona, a digital foodie. In the light of increasing food prices this ever ongoing trend becomes problematic. „Presentable“ food is a privilege not accessible to everyone. My overly edited photo of a salad bowl tries to contribute to the discussion around accessibility of nutrition and its connection to categories like class and race.

Theresa K. Jakobsen (they/them) is a German creative, who after spending the pandemic on the remote Faroe Islands re-entered the colorful streets of Berlin city. The special challenges of living in another country as a chronically ill person were a propulsion to their creativity. Theresa creates mixed media art, photography and writes multilingual pieces that circle around the theme of identity and relationships in a digital age. Their works recently got published in Variety Pack Mag, Alien Buddha Zine and The Gamut Mag.




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