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Throw-Together Bread

A pinch of this; a dab of that

This apple’s brown: I’ll cut it up,

Throw in sugar, about a cup

For me, this kind of bread’s old hat.

I’ll use the onion in my fridge

A pinch of this; a dab of that,

No recipe or strict format

Smell the spices, then add a smidge.

Oops! I spilled the baking powder -

Might not be fit to feed the cat,

A pinch of this; a dab of that

Not too late, could make a chowder.

Perhaps I’ll call for team hazmat -

Did I forget to add the oil?

Floured hands, evidence of toil

A pinch of this; a dab of that.

My Recipe for Throw-Together Bread

Some white flour and any other kind in equal amounts. Baking powder, baking soda, salt. (I don’t measure.) If you have vegetables or fruits in your fridge that need to be used, grate or grind them for your bread. Smell the spices in your cabinet; throw in what suits your fancy. Add two or three eggs, mixing as you go. Add milk and oil; stir. Dough should be kind of thick. Don’t add so much oil it’s floating on top. Use cooking spray on bread pans and bake at 350 for at least an hour. Insert a butter knife in the center. If it comes out wet, bake longer. The knife should come out dry when done. My throw-together bread is usually moist and tasty. If you are out of vegetables or fruits, this recipe works well with spices only.

Mona Mehas (she/her) writes about growing up poor, accumulating grief, and the climate from the perspective of a retired, disabled teacher in Indiana, USA. Previously Patience Young, her work has been published in over forty journals, anthologies, and museums. Mona is a Trekkie and enjoys watching Star Trek shows and movies in chronological order. Follow on Twitter @Patienc77732097 and

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