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"Nature As Our Soul Food"
in progress

We accept poetry, prose, and cover art.

Culinary Origami nominates for Best of the Net Anthology


Poetry: up to 5 pieces per submission cycle, single-spaced, no more than 2 pages in length per poem. the collective page count should not exceed 10 pages. Titles should be at the top of the page.

Prose: up to 2 pieces per submission cycle, total word count should not exceed 3,000 words combined. Both fiction and nonfiction are accepted.

Art: ​up to 3 pieces per submission cycle as high quality scans or photographs that display your work clearly. Your submissions will only be considered for our cover art.

Recipes: up to 2 recipes per submission cycle with measurements and step-by-step instructions on preparing a unique cultural dish.

We publish works of all themes, however Culinary Origami will favor pieces that encompass 1) food and 2) the edition's theme. Submit all of your pieces as one document. Separate pieces should start on new pages with titles apparent. We accept .pdf .doc and .docx word documents. Make sure there is no identifying information in your work or else we will not consider your piece for publication. This will be strictly enforced. Plagiarism is not tolerated. 

There is a limit of one submission per genre each cycle. If submitting to multiple genres, submit an individual form for each.


We accept previously published work, AND simultaneous submissions. Please notify us if a simultaneous submission is accepted elsewhere, and if you would still like your piece(s) to be considered. All submissions must be submitted through the submission form; we do not accept submissions via email. 

Work that is not submitted according to our guidelines will be ineligible for publication. Add content warnings when applicable. Bigoted, racist, homophobic, ableist, etc. works will be rejected immediately. 

If published in Culinary Origami first, you grant us First North American serial and electronic rights. All publication rights of a work revert back to the contributor. Any subsequent publications must acknowledge us, i.e. "First published in Culinary Origami Journal." We reserve the right to remove the work of any contributor from print or digital circulation without warning or notification if presented with sufficient cause.

Contact us at or @culinaryorigami on Instagram with questions and inquiries.

Happy writing :)

(Culinary Origami Journal is listed on Duotrope.)

Want expedited subs? Check out our PROJECTS page.

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